Team Names For Color Run Best 50+ Color Run Group Names

Team Names For Color Run

Are you looking for Team Names For Color Run? Do you have a team of runners ready to take on the Color Run? If so, you’ll need some team names! Here are a few suggestions to get you started: Team Rainbow, Team Hot Pink, Team Bright Yellow, and Team Funky Green. Just make sure your team name is appropriate for all ages and that it reflects the fun and positive vibes of the Color Run!


Team names for color run are always a hot topic. Some people want to go with patriotic slogans, while others feel like something funny or clever is more fitting.


Team Names For Color Run:

Team Names For Color Run

Running a color run is a great way to get your team together and have some fun. Here are some team names for you to choose from:


The Rainbow Runners

The Rainbow Warriors

Team Skittles

Palette Pushers

Blank Canvas

Too Legit to Dye

Stay Between the Lines

Running Outside The Lines

Always Bright

Rainbow Rockets

Color Fusion

Color Me Krazy

Cray Cray Crayola

Bad Dye Job

Dye Me a River

Fluorescent Runners

Chase the Rainbow

Color Us Fabulous

Blue Past You

Overly Saturated

Blue Girl Group

A Hue Good Men

Do or Dye

Dye Running


Pigmentation Party

Taste the Rainbow

50 Shades of Awesome

Free Runners

Rainbow Connection

The Picasso

Color Envy

Rave You to the Finish

Powder to the People

Color Vixens

Color Me Bad


Hue Are You

Shred the Rainbow

Dyed Divas

Messy Madams



Get Fit or Dye Tryin’

Sour Patch Kids

A Hue of Good Men

Rainbow Dashers

Twisted Colors

Run or Dye Trying

Paint the Clouds

Color Us Motivated

Chafe the Dream

A Running Canvas

Dye Hard


Glow Girls

Blue Man Group

Shady Ladies

Crazy Tints

Pearly Brights

These Colors Don’t Run. Oh wait…


Dye Dye Birdie

Color Me Dirty

The Colorful Crew

The Colorful Crusaders


Conclusion: Team Names For Color Run

In conclusion, there are many fun and unique team names for color runs. Whether you are looking for a clever name or something that is more personal, there is definitely a name out there for you. So get creative and have fun with your team’s name!