Animal Group Names Best 90+ Group Names

Animal Group Names

Are you looking for the best animal group names? Do you have any idea how many animal species are found on this earth? In this world, there are around more than 50 million species alive and remembering all those animals without animal group names is quite challenging.

All these animal group names are named after the unique quality and specification of the animals. These animal group names are changes according to time, based on geographic and environmental conditions.

Are you wondering to know about the animal group names? There is no doubt animals are interesting and funny but their group names are also interesting.

Animal group names are based on the collective noun which represents animals’ characteristics and behavior. If you are searching for animal group names then you are coming in right place.

Here you find the best animal group names or collective noun related to animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, and other species.

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Animal group names list:


Animal Group Names

this animal group names list, you will find the collective or group of animals, here you also find some animals have more than one animal group names which really amaze you.

1.Antilopes: herd.

2.Apes: Shrewdness.

3.Asses: Pace

4.Baboons: Congress, Flange

5.Bats: Cloud or camp, a colony

6.Badgers: Cete

7.Bears: Sleuth or sloth

8.Beavers: A Colony

9.Bees: A swarm

10.Bores: Singular.

11.Buffalo: Herd or a gang or obstinacy

12.Bucks: Brace

13.Camels: A caravan

14.Cattle: Drove

15.Cat: Clowder or glaring / ( wild Cats: a destruction).

16.Cobras: A quiver

17.Colts: Rag

18.Crocodiles: A bask

19.Crows: A murder

20.Coyotes: Bands

21.Cubs: Litter

22.Curs: Cowardice

23.Deer: Herd or Parcel

24.Dogs: Pack / Puppies: a litter

25.Donkeys: a drove

26.Eagles: A convocation

27.Elephant: Herd or parade

28.Elk: A herd or a gang

29.Falcons: A cast

30.Ferrets: a Business or fesnying


Animal Group Names (2)

31.Fish: a school

32.Flamingos: A stand

33.Foxes: Earths or leash or skulk

34.Frogs: An army

35.Geese: A gaggle

36.Giraffes: A tower

37.Goat: Tribe or trip

38.Gorillas: a Band

39.Greyhounds: Lease

40.Hares: Down or Droves

41.Hippos: Huddle or a bloat

42.Hogs: Drifts

43.Horses: Haras or team

44.Hounds: Pack

45.Hyenas: Giggle or a cackle

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46.Jaguars: A shadow

47.Jellyfish: A smack

48.Kangaroos: Mob or a troop

49.Kittens: Kindle

50.Lemurs: A conspiracy

51.Leopards: a leap

52.Lions: Pride

53.Mares: Stud

54.Martens: Richness

55.Mice: Nest

56.Moles: a labour or Movement

57.Monkeys: Tribes or troop or a barrel

58.Mountain Goats: Trip

59.Mules: a pack or barren or cavayard

60.Otters: Romp or a family

61.Oxen: A team or Yoke

62.Owls: a parliament

63.Pigs: Litter

64.Polar bears: Aurora

65.Ponies: String


Animal group names list


66.Parrots: a pandemonium

67.Porcupines: A prickle

68.Pups: litter

69.Rabbits: Colony or nest or a herd

70.Rats: A colony or plague

71.Raccoons: Gaze

72.Ravens: A unkindness

73.Rhinoceros: A crash

74.Roebucks: Bevy

75.Shark: a shiver

76.Skunk: a stench

77.Snakes: a nest

78.Seals: Pod or springs

79.Sheep: Flock

80.Squirrels: a dray or scurry

81.Stingrays: a fever

82.Swans: a bevy or game

83.Swine: a drift or sounder

84.Tigers: an ambush or streak

85.Toads: a knot

86.Turkeys: a gang or rafters

87.Turtles: a bale or nest

88.Wasp: Colony

89.Weasels: sneak or a colony

90.Whales: Pod or Gam or school

91.Wolves: a pack

92.Woodpecker: Descent

93.Wombat: Mob

94.Yak: Herd

95.Zebras: A zeal or a Dazzle

Best Animal Group Names


After reading this you are familiar with the best animal group names.