Periodic Table Group Names ( Complete 18 Group Names)

Periodic Table Group Names

Are you looking for the periodic table group names? A periodic table is the most important chemistry useful tools. This table is called a periodic table because these elements are arranged in cycles or periods.

In this periodic table, elements are lined up in a row from left to right according to their atomic numbers.

Before knowing the periodic table group names, firstly get some basic ideas about the periodic table.

The periodic table was first discovered by a Russian Scientist & chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. By using this periodic table anyone can learn the properties or characteristics of elements very accurately.

In this periodic table, there are 18 groups or columns which are divided on the basis of elements properties and characteristics.

In this periodic table, each element has a specific name and abbreviation.

Interesting facts about the periodic table:

Interesting facts about the periodic table

1. Scientist who do research on periodic table elements, uses battery polarity to weight the elements.

2.Atomic number, Atomic symbol, Electronic configuration, atomic radius, and standard atomic weight are the common term which is used while reading the periodic table.

3.By using this periodic table anyone can easily get full information about any elements found in our earth very quickly.

4.This periodic table is also used by the scientist to predict the elements yet not to be discovered.

5.The periodic table is updated after some period of time by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry ( IUPAC).

6.The majority of elements in these periodic tables are metals ( around 75%).

7.In this periodic table some of the elements are named on some scientists, mythologies, and planets.

8. Carbon is known as a king of the periodic table.

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Periodic table group names list:

Periodic table group names list

In the periodic table there are 18 groups or families as names are given below:

1. Alkali metals or lithium groups.

2.Beryllium family or alkaline earth metals

3.The Scandium group or family

4.The Titanium group

5.The Vanadium family

6.The chromium group

7.The manganese group

8.The iron family or group

9.The cobalt group

10.The Nickle family

11.The copper group or family

12.The zinc group

13.The boron family

14.The carbon family or group

15.The pnictogens group or nitrogen family

16.The chalcogens or Oxygen family

17.The halogens group or fluorine family

18.The helium group or neon family

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