Names For Groups Of Birds Best 50 Group Name Of Birds (2021)

Names For Groups Of Birds Best 50 Group Name Of Birds (2021)

Are you looking for names for groups of birds? There is no doubt birding is one of the growing hobbies of so many people around the world.

If you are one of those who love birds and what to know more about names for groups of birds, then you are coming to the right place. Here you find some best names for groups of birds that really entertain you.

Names for groups of birds list

Names for groups of birds list

1. Wisdom of owls

2.Whisper of snipe

3.Aerie of hawks

4.Band of jays

5.Walk of snipe

6.Watch of nigh tingles

7.Trip of widgeon

8.Trip of wildfowl

9.Volery of birds

10.Bevy of swans (when in flight)

11.Brace of grouse

12.Brood of chicks

13.Cast of falcons

14.Cast of hawks

15.Pigeon’s of kit

16.Host of Sparrows

17.Wake of vultures

18.Herd of wrens

19.Fall of wood rocks

20.Bunch of waterfowl

21.Gang of turkeys

22.Brood of chicks

23.Bevy of quail

24.Colony of gulls

25.Flock of swifts

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Names For Groups Of Birds (2)

26.Flight of swallows

27.Cast of hawks

28.Charm of hummingbird

29.Deceit of lapwings

30.Dole of doves

31.Drift of quail

32.Fling of dunlins

33.Herd of cranes

34.Horde of crows

35.Pod of pelicans

36.Sord of mallards

37.Sedge of herons

38.Charm of finches

39.Colony of Ibises

40.Kit of pigeons

41.Parliament of rooks

42.Congress of ravens

43.Building of rooks

44.Cloud of starlings

45.Nye of pheasants

46.Parliament of owls

47.Rafts of coots

48.Spring of teals

49.Mustering of storks

50.Tiding of magpies

Names for groups of birds list

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